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Bransby Horses is one of the UK’s largest equine welfare charities.

Dedicated to improving the lives of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules since it was established in 1968, Bransby Horses has rescued and rehabilitated; re-homed or retired literally hundreds of animals and we are working harder than ever to continue making a positive difference to equines wherever and whenever we can.

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Bransby Horses operates two extremely busy equine rescue Centres in Lincolnshire and Herefordshire. Around 400 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules are cared for across the Charity at any one time, with many more animals being rescued from neglect and cruelty every year. Our Lincolnshire site is open to the public every day and offers the chance to meet many of our wonderful equine residents, learn more about horses and their needs and find out more about the vital work the Charity carries out.

Head Count
Animals No's correct on 20/05/2016
Lincolnshire Site-
No. of animals at our Lincolnshire Site: 394
No. of animals under our Friend for Life Scheme: 290 Herefordshire Site-
No. of animals at our Herefordshire Site: 83
No. of animals under our Friend for Life Scheme: 45
News from Bransby hORSES
Family Trio Pecan, Cashew and Pistachio Arrive at Bransby Horses
Here at Bransby Horses we love every equine, but we think you will agree our latest arrival Pecan is something a little special!
Bransby Horses Successfully Use EquiSal Tests to Reduce Tapeworm Infections
We are delighted to report that the EquiSal test kits have proved to be a successful and reliable method of managing tapeworm infections in our herds.
Rachel Reed Embarks on Vertical Challenge for Bransby Horses 
Bransby Horses’ supporter, Rachel Reed, is all set to take on the challenge of a lifetime to raise much needed funds to help the charity care for its ever growing number of equine residents.
The Bransby Horses Team has very sadly had to say good bye to Moses over the weekend following a short illness that we suspect was grass sickness.
A post-mortem will give the team and supporters a better understanding in a few days.
Jimmy's Recovery
At the start of March we brought you all the sad story of the very handsome 25 year old Thoroughbred named Jimmy, who was seized by the RSPCA due to his horrific leg injury.
We’ve been keeping you all updated on his progress and rehabilitation since and we of course promised to let you all know when he had left our Animal Reception Centre for his next adventure…
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welfare at Bransby Horses
Bransby’s objective is to prevent and relieve cruelty to equines and to alleviate pain and suffering.
If you have concerns over a horse, pony or donkey please call our welfare line 01427 787369 and inform us.  Our dedicated welfare team can offer assistance, advice and support in all aspects of equine care – from neglect and cruelty to nutrition and management. 
Before & after rescue
Bransby Horses works closely with other equine welfare organizations throughout the UK, including the RSPCA and Trading Standards to try and ensure quality of life for all horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.
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donating to Bransby Horses
Bransby Horses relies on the generous donations from members of the public - people just like you!

Donating to Bransby Horses has never been easier! We offer many ways both on & off-line so what are you waiting for?! Get giving!!
You can also leave a legacy to Bransby Horses in your will. To find out more about legacies click here.
Supporting our charity is not just about giving money though - there are many ways you can help and support Bransby Horses, simply
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